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New Medicine Helps to Prevent HIV in Those Exposed to the Disease – KRGV

WESLACO – HIV cases are increasing in the Rio Grande Valley. A new medicine is aimed at preventing people from contracting the disease. The Valley Aids Council explains the medication is 100 percent effective in the battle against HIV when taken soon after exposure. KRGV’s Trason Bragg spoke with a woman who feared she was… Read More »

Confronting harassment within medicine head on – American Medical Association

The American Medical Association’s commitments to equity, fairness and respect for human dignity are cornerstones of the Code of Medical Ethics we introduced to medicine more than 170 years ago. So, when issues arise that threaten these longstanding tenets of our profession, we work purposefully within the House of Medicine to resolve them and uphold the principles that guide our work.     The national… Read More »

Make sure your decision to leave medicine is not based on an emotional response

We know the statistics. More than 50 percent of physicians are experiencing burnout at the hands of EMRs, a nonexistent work-life balance and regulatory constraints to name a few. This is causing physicians to leave clinical medicine and find other work. Some are opting for nonclinical administrative roles, and others are leaving altogether for careers… Read More »