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‘God was there’: A year after landmark Canadian transplant, Maurice Desjardins is learning to live with another man’s face

“Gun cleaner shoots self” — Ottawa Sun headline, Jan. 12, 2011NOTRE-DAME-DE-LA-SALETTE, Que. — On the mantel inside the Desjardins house, which hugs Lac de l’Argile, a mountain lake about an hour’s drive northeast of Ottawa, there are no framed photos of Maurice Desjardins taken after what the family calls only “the accident.” There’s a picture… Read More »

A Man’s Routine

Do you wake up in the morning and wish you could go back to bed? You have a full day planned, but sleep sounds better than attending meetings and handling other important tasks. I have been there. This piece shares three-morning activities to help you get your day off to a dynamic start. Our brains… Read More »