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“I am Life” Campaign Reaffirms That People With HIV Matter

The “I am Life” campaign showcases the empowering stories of 20 Black and Hispanic people living with HIV/ AIDS in Houston. The new awareness effort aims to educate the public about HIV prevention and treatment. Officials hope the campaign will increase awareness of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and TasP (treatment as prevention), particularly among local Black… Read More »

Thunderclap headache: The “worst headache of my life” – Harvard Health Blog – Harvard Health

Not all headache disorders are the same. An excruciating, sudden-onset headache known as thunderclap headache (TCH) is a medical emergency, very different from more common headache disorders such as migraine and tension headache. If you develop TCH, you should call 911 or immediately go to the closest hospital. TCH is associated with a variety of… Read More »