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Weekly Roundup for MARCH 22, 2019: Recent Publications in Women’s Mental Health

The excitement over the FDA approval of brexanolone (to be marketed as Zulresso) is a good place to start this week’s roundup.  Brexanolone is a derivative of the neurosteroid allopregnanolone, and, while Zulpresso was approved specifically for the treatment of postpartum depression, there is considerable research to indicate that the modulation of neurosteroid systems may… Read More »

Different Takes: Lessons On The Health Law’s Success In Cost Control; Bernie’s Onto Something About Women Being Better Off Giving Birth In Finland

Editorial pages focus on these health policies and others. Stat: The Affordable Care Act Has Saved Billions In Health Care Costs Even before the Affordable Care Act became law, about 90 percent of the conversation and criticism of it was about coverage. Little has been said about its ability to control costs. March 23, the… Read More »