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Bizarre X-rays show a ‘chain’ inside a baby after she swallowed 36 magnetic balls

X-rays show how 36 magnetic balls formed a ‘CHAIN’ inside a baby’s stomach after the one-year-old accidentally swallowed them Unnamed baby was rushed to A&E in her native China with a fever and vomiting  Doctors managed to remove the chain during an hour-long operation  Baby is recovering in hospital; unclear how intestine puncture was treated … Read More »

Woman battling loneliness after losing husband reveals mantra which keeps her going

According to Age UK, for a growing number of people in later life, loneliness is having a significant impact on their health. The stress from feeling disconnected can lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Loneliness can have many causes, from living alone, to poor health, being a full-time carer, divorce,… Read More »